Run For A Cause

James and Lorna Brokenshire-Dyke will be running the London Marathon three legged for a cause that could not be greater.

They are going to raise money for a life changing surgery that will help their 2 year old son to be able to walk. This incredible cause that they will be running for has made them stay motivated like never before.

The two year old kid named Sebastian is just like every other kid playful and enjoys his rumble and tumbles and is very loveable. Mother Lorna chuckles and exclaims how she is a little biased and thinks that little Sebastian can crack anyone.

Rookie Klayman takes on marathon for a great cause

An eating disorder plagued Jackie Klayman of Pearland starting from her teenage times, finally needing some treatment. But Klayman, now thirty-three, has sweeped over her illness, altered her lifestyle, and then taken up running.

Jackie Klayman told that an eating disorder is an interesting thing. This is not only like a - you do one thing and you get over it. This is lifelong, because it is ingrained in your thinking, and she clambered with it for fifteen years. Therefore, it was something that took a very long time.

Running Aid To The Rescue

Before stepping out to have a perfect run, it is important that one should have the perfect running companion. It will be safe to remember that the soles of one’s shoes actually help in running better. The newest addition to this series of running shoes has to be the spring loaded ones, where rubber or polycarbonate springs are added to the soles of shoes and helped in faster running. Reebok, Adidas and a new Swiss brand have taken out a series of running shoes that provide just this.

Surprising Tips For Running A Big Race

Noted daily newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald is launching its half marathon this week. For this venture this Australian daily has garnered more than half a million dollars. And more than 12,000 people from all over the world will take part in the half marathon that will occur coming Sunday. “What is more exciting is that among this huge number of participants who have registered for this half marathon, there are two most incredible participants-one is 80 year old and another is just 10. So you can see that this event will be an ideal mix of all kinds of participants.

Local marathon in Vancouver gets national appreciation

After years of tinkering, Vancouver USA Marathon is where Brian Davis, the organizer, says he wants this. And the national runners bunches are beginning to take notice. The event drew around three thousand runners last year, was ranked as one of the top 9 best new marathons this year by t he Runner's World. It also ranked in the January issue of the magazine s one of the Top  Ten Fun Feature Filled Marathons in the USA for this year.

Running: The Santas Hopes

Sixteenth annual Running of the Santas festival is set to take place on 7th December, Saturday in Philadelphia, United States. Organizers of the event are expecting to receive a record breaking ten thousand participants this time.

Organizer Matt McDermott told that if you do not come dressed up you are going to stick out. He added that most people get dressed as Santa Claus, but there have also been Christmas trees, Mrs. Clauses as well as other holiday motifs last years.



Join in the Fells Trail Ultra Vernal Equinox Edition Fat Ass style informal run race.

There will be an aid station at the start/finish and a water drop at the half way point. If you wish to bring something for the aid station, that would not be too amiss. Also, there will be a finisher's award.

In addition, we don't mind a few wimps as well.