Join in the Fells Trail Ultra Vernal Equinox Edition Fat Ass style informal run race.

There will be an aid station at the start/finish and a water drop at the half way point. If you wish to bring something for the aid station, that would not be too amiss. Also, there will be a finisher's award.

In addition, we don't mind a few wimps as well.

This much is certain: there will be no cash money involved. This is just an informal gathering of friends who want to engage in some friendly running. Since we are competitive beings by nature (and occasionly inclination), times will be recorded and posted, but only for bragging rights.

Winter Solstice Edition
-Date: Saturday, March 26th. Rain (or any other kind of precipitation, frozen or otherwise) or shine.
-Time: 8:00am to 6:00 10 hour time limit (ish).
-Sunrise: 6:39am. Sunset: 6:54pm Park is only open from sunrise to sunset, but I am not sure if they are going by civil, nautical, or astronomical twilight.
-Check-in: 8:00am -8:29:59.9999999am
-Distance: 32 or 40 miles
-Register online: By sending an e-mail to s_latour hotmail.com so I can wrassle up the correct amount of vittles.
-Cost: Not so much as a single birr, guilder, florin, leone, lilangeni, bob, shilling, rand, rupee, penny, ha'penny, copper, real, lev, nafka, kroon, litas, rupiah, ringgat, gulden, centesimo, pense, groszy, khoum, ore, paise, agorot, deni, kopek, para, rappen, satang, fil, kopijka, iraimbilaja, or even one of those giant limestone wheels known as rai used by the South Pacific islanders of Yap. Note that these 12 foot round wheels weighing in the neighborhood of several thousand pounds were brought by canoe from about 250 miles away (I do not refer to the later European stones brought by motorboat, which were used at a debased value by the islanders, and thus caused no inflation. Wily men of Yap.)
-No race day registration, except when I allow it.

Since there are only limited spots (25 runners), please only sign up if you intend to run 32 or 40 miles by sending me an e-mail. Of course, I cannot stop you from just showing up and running.

From the start, there is a 1/2 mile trail connecting to the Skyline Trail.
The Skyline Trail is a seven mile loop along some pretty rough and hilly terrain. Run the loop in either direction you like, they are both difficult. At the end of each loop, return to the start line and we will record your split.

The race is not insured by USATF or any other entity since it is just a friendly gathering of ultrarunners.
There will not be a port-a-potty at the start line since there is no charge and consequently no monies to be had.
There will be water and food at the start line because I am a nice guy who wants to host a party for friends.
There will be water at about the half-way point of the loop because running the skyline trail is thirsty work.

Please respect the trails and those using them or I will hunt you down and slay you out of hand. I can do it, too.