Local marathon in Vancouver gets national appreciation

After years of tinkering, Vancouver USA Marathon is where Brian Davis, the organizer, says he wants this. And the national runners bunches are beginning to take notice. The event drew around three thousand runners last year, was ranked as one of the top 9 best new marathons this year by t he Runner's World. It also ranked in the January issue of the magazine s one of the Top  Ten Fun Feature Filled Marathons in the USA for this year.

Energy Events arranged a whole lot of running events in Vancouver every year and its owner Brian Davis told that what is exciting about this is they really set themselves apart with a cool event for the runners. It is really nice to see everything coming together.

The marathons have now been for quite some time now, and now it has at least five hundred participants. Mr Brian stated that he is happy that the magazine offers marathons some years to develop and still be considered new, as there are always difficulties to be worked out in 1st few years of a callow event.

He added that this shows all the tough work as well as passion that they have been driving for the last 4 years. They have attempted to add things in that time which really make it stand out. Now they are going to stick to the format. They are good. They are dialed in.