Rookie Klayman takes on marathon for a great cause

An eating disorder plagued Jackie Klayman of Pearland starting from her teenage times, finally needing some treatment. But Klayman, now thirty-three, has sweeped over her illness, altered her lifestyle, and then taken up running.

Jackie Klayman told that an eating disorder is an interesting thing. This is not only like a - you do one thing and you get over it. This is lifelong, because it is ingrained in your thinking, and she clambered with it for fifteen years. Therefore, it was something that took a very long time.

And when he began running, she really was able to concentrate on food as fuel versus food as something else. She know that in order to run, she has to fuel her body.

Klayman grew up in Houston, but she now lives in Pearland. She lives with her husband as well as her 2 daughters, did not start a running program till after 2013 Thanksgiving.

She has taken part in half-marathons, but Chevron Houston Marathon on Sunday would be Klayman's very first try at dealing the 26.2-mile challenge. Also, Klayman has been raising fund for charity works.

Klayman told that he decided that he wanted to run for a reason, something outside of myself. She went for Ronald McDonald House Houston that offers care and support for kids and a home away from home for families of kids being treated for a severe illness.