Running Aid To The Rescue

Before stepping out to have a perfect run, it is important that one should have the perfect running companion. It will be safe to remember that the soles of one’s shoes actually help in running better. The newest addition to this series of running shoes has to be the spring loaded ones, where rubber or polycarbonate springs are added to the soles of shoes and helped in faster running. Reebok, Adidas and a new Swiss brand have taken out a series of running shoes that provide just this.

So, what exactly is a spring – loaded running shoe? These shoes in the first place are not the fastest running shoes as those are track shoes with spikes worn by athletes like Usain Bolt. These shoes are also not light weight as worn by marathon runners. These shoes are directed towards the casual runners who run not for the competition in it (though sometimes it may be the case) but for recreation and exercise. The main idea of the design of this shoe is that the springs embedded in them actually help propel you forward, ‘transforming the energy from running into momentum in the forward direction.’

According to twitter, providing a perfect support to the foot, the shoes in this category have an added advantage of being worn for daily activities like walking the dog. Tests have revealed that Reebok’s Cloudsurfer is among the best buy as it has timed the best by the same wearer and provides excellent ventilation with the soles doing their part of providing assured stability. The engineered structure of the placement of the springs might seem that one might roll backwards while engaging in exercises involving weight, but even in weight lifting, squats or overhead barbell presses, this particular design has proved beyond doubt that it can support all the weight coming down through the heel maintaining proper balance, posture and above all support.