Surprising Tips For Running A Big Race

Noted daily newspaper The Sydney Morning Herald is launching its half marathon this week. For this venture this Australian daily has garnered more than half a million dollars. And more than 12,000 people from all over the world will take part in the half marathon that will occur coming Sunday. “What is more exciting is that among this huge number of participants who have registered for this half marathon, there are two most incredible participants-one is 80 year old and another is just 10. So you can see that this event will be an ideal mix of all kinds of participants. We are looking forward to this Sunday with much excitement,” said an organiser of this event.

But according a recent study by the Baptist University, more than one third of all the participants of marathon events across the globe often remain underprepared. But as expected the organisers of The Sydney Morning Herald half marathon are less bothered about these data. Australian physiotherapist Jason Smith has given some handy tips for those who will take part in the half marathon event. “The damage occurs in over training. So you need to start with light jogging. Remember that there is nothing to gain from cramming,’ said Smith. He suggests that before the race one needs to switch off completely and have a good night sleep.

“Sleep is one of the primary tenets for optimal performance. Sleep is a requisite for the hormonal functioning of your body. So don’t skip your sleep before an important event,” said Smith. Yoga and stretching are also beneficial for the body, says the Australian physician. Now it depends upon person concerned and their capacity to perform different work out techniques. Smith also suggests having a proper breakfast a couple hours before the half marathon event.